Scrip Fundraising Program   — HERE IS THE BrandList2024!

What Is Scrip?

Scrip is a term that means “substitute money”. When you purchase scrip, you’re purchasing gift certificates and prepaid cards that are used just like cash. You can use scrip to purchase everyday items like food, clothing and other essentials. With every purchase, you earn revenue for the church. Scrip comes in different forms – it could be a physical gift card, an electronic eCard, or a reload of a physical gift card.

Find Out More

In addition to Gary’s cards, there is a complete list of all retailers (over 500) available BrandList2024 or in the church office. Please feel free to write in other participating retailers not on the form. Return completed order forms (and check/cash) to the church office or drop them in the collection plate. Checks should be made out to UMC of MV-Scrip Account. Orders will be placed on the 15th of each month. Gift Cards should be received in the church office 7-10 days from the order date. Questions? Contact Jackie Morrical at or 319-330-1646.

How scrip generates revenue for our church

The Great Lakes Scrip Center acts on behalf of churches, schools and other non-profit organizations to purchase large amounts of scrip from grocery stores, department stores, and other retailers. Because the scrip is purchased with cash up front, the participating retailers offer a substantial discount. Our church buys the scrip from Great Lakes Scrip Center at a discount, and re-sells the certificates to families like yours for full face value. The discount – from two to fifteen percent or more – is our organization’s revenue.

Thanks to repeat users!

Our church has been offering Scrip for over 12 years! There is a dedicated group that have been ordering regularly! In 2023 we generated $1,300 for the church general fund through Scrip. Gary’s cards are the most popular and a supply is kept on-hand at all times, just ask! If you are interested in receiving a monthly email reminder for scrip contact Jackie Morrical at

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