You are invited to delve deeper into our Advent season theme with a small group study. The subjects of the discussions are on counteracting fear as well as the messages of hope, peace, joy, and life that are highlighted in the Advent season.

Through these five sessions, we journey with Dr. Brene Brown, who is a social worker, researcher, and best-selling author. Dr. Brown’s work on vulnerability speaks to how we let fear-in many forms-affect our lives. Brene calls on us to live more fully into hope, peace, joy, and love through practicing vulnerability. You will hear some repetition in these videos but each one brings out a different point. I think you’ll appreciate the chance to revisit these messages and go deeper each week.

It feels like a perfect time of year to explore Brown’s work, not only because it compliments the worship theme but also because the holidays can bring up issues of perfectionism, unrealistic expectations, stress, sorrow, and old or existing family conflicts. Add the stress and disappointment that Covid-19 is bringing to our lives both individually and collectively, the timing for this study feels especially right.

Pastor Terra will be leading a group via Zoom, with the virtual gathering on Monday, November 23rd, beginning at 7:00. Please email to get signed up today! 

If you would like to do this study with a friend or your own small group of people, we are including the Leader Guide information as well as the participants guides here as well. Thank you and may you devote time this Advent to creating a little peace in your life. 


Leader guide Angels Among Us Small Group Study

Participant Guide Angels Among Us small group study


The Schedule Pastor Terra has planned for this group is :

Monday November 23 @ 7 pm

Monday November 30 @ 7 pm

Monday December 7 @ 7 pm 

Monday December 14 @ 7 pm 

Monday December 21 @ 7 pm

All Virtual Viewing & Discussions over Zoom 


Please email to get signed up today!