What an exciting time for this congregation! Seriously… maybe the excitement just never dies. I hope that’s true… What are we celebrating now, you ask?


Julie Baty has accepted the position of Congregational Care Coordinator beginning November 1st. Her responsibilities include assisting myself and Mark as we care for the members and attendees of our congregation through visits and prayer. The position is 16 hours per week. She will support the pastoral staff also by helping to recruit and train volunteers who do or wish to do more visitation. The vision for this is larger than caring for the sick, although that is a key piece. Each person that walks through the doors of this church has a need. We don’t always know what they are, but each does. The idea is to be a presence in the congregation, another person to go to with needs, to be supported, and to create some form of support. Each situation is different, and yet, there can be some semblance of similarity in a plan for how to support the congregation in their growth of discipleship, and through whatever challenges or joys are brought their way. Since the position is new, it will take some time to work out all of the nuts and bolts, but I am delighted about the opportunities that can arise from this kind of a thing. This is the very heartbeat of Julie. Many of you know and love her, and so, we celebrate this new beginning, both for the Baty’s and also for our congregation.

If you weren’t on the inside of these decisions, let me fill you in on a few of the details. When Pastor Mark and I came in hearing about the need and desire for a congregational care position. We also took into consideration the importance of having a pastoral presence not only in the youth group, but also in the area of education. Pastors are appointed for many things, but often they can be summed up in three things that Jesus did, we Preach, we Teach, and we Heal. Support in each of these areas is important, helpful, and vital.

When we came in the Education Director’s roles and responsibilities were shifted to Pastor Mark, Julie Baty was feeling it was her time to cease leading in this area, so she helped Mark in the time of transition.  This made it possible for us to hire a Congregational Care Coordinator without adding an additional salary to the budget. The decision was made to have an application process and interviews were conducted. We found Julie to be the best fit for our congregation at this time. I’m very excited and enthused to see what God will continue to do through this.

Blessings and Prayers to you, Pastor Joy