This past year has been one of exile and reunion, and as challenging as it’s been, we can take solace in the knowledge that our ancestors, too, experienced seasons of exile. And here’s the point: thanks to this history, over time our faith — and our church — has been built to help us live through such seasons with grace and hope.


At our core, the United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon is a community of reunion, homecoming, and return. Now more than ever, in a world full of exile, our congregation stands as a beacon of hope, welcome, and radical hospitality.


With all of this in mind, we invite you to join us in giving thanks for all the resources — spiritual, theological, physical, and financial — that support this indispensable work. And as we look ahead, we invite you to pray this prayer daily over the coming weeks. 

Dear Heavenly Creator: Over and over, we become scattered and separated. Over and over, like a good shepherd, you find us and bring us home. For all the togetherness you’ve granted us at United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon, thank you. For the gift of faith that gets us through times of separation, thank you. For ways we have stayed connected with one another, with the combined in person worship coupled with online worship, with letters, calls and cards to brighten someone’s day, thank you. For sending us Pastor Terra in 2020, thank you. In your generosity and grace, O Heavenly Creator, grant me the wisdom to see what I can give to make our separations easier, and our homecomings even more joyful. Amen. 

Check your mail this week for the 2nd letter in our giving series, as it will contain the Estimate of Giving card we ask you bring unfilled out to worship on Giving Sunday, November 14th.