Serving others is an important part of who we are at Mount Vernon United Methodist, and there is no better time to get involved!  To those of you that are already active with missions, thank you for your continued support!  For those of you looking to participate, keep in mind that there are numerous opportunities for mission giving, and we don’t expect you to give to them all.  Choose the missions that speak to your heart, or pray for guidance on which missions to support.
Thank you!






Meet Project Crossroads & Our Missionary, Linda Stransky

 Linda Stranksy, a former member of our church, has been appointed by the Methodist Church to be in mission to Project Crossraods in Marion, Virginia.  Our church has adopted her and this minstry as our missionary to support for the year.  Project Crossroads is a Methodist community-based ministry in an impoverished area of the state, with rugged terrain and many elderly and disabled citizens in its population.  To give you an idea of its outreach and needs, in 2011 a wood ministry provided 90 loads of wood to 35 households; 197 Easter meal bags feeding 528 people were distributed; 6 families were helped through their “Start Over Tubs” ministry; a Day Center for homeless families through a Family Promise Network has now been finished; 230 shoe vouchers were given out to school children in the area; their “Good Samaritans” from surrounding churches help with light construction, personal needs of the elderly and those with disabilities, as well as hospice care.  Right now, they are focusing on developing a large community garden for families to sustain healthy and less expensive eating.  We will be gathering seeds for them later this spring.  They also have a “tire fund” to purchase snow tires for the winter so they can safely reach some of their parishioners.  Linda and Mark Stransky began their journey in our church a number of years ago, when Linda was searching for her calling.  It is a great priviledge and blessing to continue to support her and those in her ministry.  Both the Timms and the Stoners were “Good Samaritans” for Project Crossroads a few years ago.  We had a special offering for Project Crossroads in March.  Unfortunately, it was on the Sunday during Spring Break.  If you were missed and would like to help Linda with her mission work there, please send it to the church or put a donation marked “Project Crossroads” in the offering plate any time this month.  We hope Linda can be with us in October to hear from her personally.  And who knows?  Maybe we can send an intergenerational Good Samaritan team there soon!
–Kay Graber; Peace and Social Justice



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