If you did not sign up, or were not able to make any of our directory photo dates for your family photo, you can still be included, at no cost to you, by contacting Lifetouch directly at:    1-866-756-0281 (9am-5pm EST).

Please let them know that you need your family photo taken for the United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon directory, but could not make any of our session dates.  First United Methodist Church in Marion may is a possible alternative location, or you could ask about other locations.  It is important, however, that wherever you choose to go, you schedule your appointment for no later than the first week of May, as the deadline to turn everything in for our directory is May 10th.

When you call, please also give them our account number:  358771, and our background information: blue with vertical pose, so they can be sure to put your photo in our directory, with the correct background. 

May is fast approaching, so please call and schedule in the next few days, to avoid schedules filling up.

Thank you, and please be sure to let the office know when and where you have scheduled, so that we can collect your information for our directory and roster.