We are collecting items in support of 13,000 Afghan refugees that are now at Fort McCoy WI. We are supporting a local effort by TaLisha Zell whose mom is on the ground there volunteering to help support and equip these families with all they need. Here is a list of items we are collecting: 

Diaper Ointment

Diapers and pull-ups (Every Size-Partial bags/boxes accepted)

Wet wipes

Baby Formula

Infant and Children’s Tylenol

Maxi pads (ultra thin with wings or super maxi no wings-NO TAMPONS are accepted)

Body wash (7 oz bottles are best)

Antiperspirant (unscented)

Toothpaste (Travel size)

Lotion (Travel size)

Bar soap (4 oz-unscented)

Clothing Detergent pods

Towels and washrags

Socks (all sizes, infant to adult)

Sneakers (all sizes, infant to adult)

Snow Boots (all sizes, infant to adult-new or great condition)

Coats (all sizes, infant to adult-new or great condition)

Gloves, Mittens, hats (all sizes, infant to adult)

Blankets (throw, twin, queen size)

Puzzles, balls, etc (new or good condition)

Exersaucers, play mats, etc (new or good condition) ***Strollers and Baby Carriers*** (new or good condition)

Duffel bags, large purses or small suitcases


Together we can bring new hope!

(Deposit items in boxes by RED DOORS)

TaLisha Zell of Mount Vernon is leading this effort to support the 13,000 Afghan refugees that were brought to the US when Afghanistan fell and needed refugee. Forts all over the US are being utilized for this and we have one about 3 hours from Mount Vernon. They are in need of many items and Fort McCoy is housing one of the largest groups in the US of 13,000, many with families and small children. TaLisha’s mom is on the ground there with “SAVE OUR ALLIES” a volunteer organization helping to cloth and care for these families. TaLisha is generously driving all donated items to Fort  McCoy in Wisconsin in support of her Mom who is volunteering on the ground there.