In the next three weeks, we begin our generosity series. We will take some time to be grateful, to consider if we are being wise in all that we’ve been given, and look at the legacy before us. This series will touch each heart, as these questions are about our own spiritual journeys in this space at this pivotal time.

We will begin our series on October 13th, as we look at what God has given us with grateful hearts, and challenge ourselves to be faithful with what has been offered to us. What are the gifts from God right before us? How has God been generous to us, and what can we do in faithful response? The key scripture will come from 1 Thessalonians 5:18. Check it out.

The next week (October 20th) we will ask the question, “Am I being faithful with what God has given to me?” Here we will dive into the story of the wise manager from Luke 16:1-15, as we consider how to faithfully respond with the gifts God has given us.

And, finally, in our last week (October 27th) we will end with this question, “How can I help to continue the legacy?” We will look at 2 Corinthians 8:1-15, as consider the call to generosity, first in what Christ has done for us, and secondly in the legacy begun by those who have gone before us, and lastly how are we to respond? How is God calling you to be faithful right now with what has been given to you.

Hang with us, these are important questions for our spiritual journeys. Let’s do this together! Join us for this series.

Grateful and Faithful