What a joy to announce that Gabi’s interview at the American Embassy in San Salvador is scheduled for 10:00 A.M. on Thursday, June 30!

Amy and Gabi have been going through a four-year process of completing paperwork, studying English, meeting with the JFON attorney, paying hundred of dollars in fees, waiting…waiting…waiting. The interview and final fee is the last step for Gabi to receive a visa to the United States and a “green card” which represents “legal permanent residency”. With this status, in another four years he can apply for citizenship. The residency papers will allow him to obtain a driver’s license and also to apply for more secure and better paid employment.

Since Gabi has to have a physical three weeks prior to the interview, he and Amy will be leaving for El Salvador on Wednesday, June 1. Their sons, Ethan and Keaton, will remain here with all of us to watch over them!     Be watching for more information on a final sendoff for them, and for ways to provide support for them and their family while they are gone.