Today we are worshiping in person at the church and also ONLINE.

Join us for Worship at 9:30 AM
or you are welcome to watch the replay at our website. 

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Native American Ministries UMCOR Offering This Sunday 

Every year, we set aside one Sunday to give generously to Native American ministries and scholarships. It’s one way we recognize their unique value and contributions to this community. There are 149 Native American congregations with the United Methodist denomination and over 21,000 Native American Methodists.

We invite you participate in giving to this special offering this Sunday and we will then submit these offerings together to the conference in support of the ministries. If you want to be included in this, please bring a check Sunday or send it to our mailing address. Also feel free to give online and put in special offerings line “Native American Ministries Offering”. Thanks!