There are times we do things for others who are in need.  Eventually we realize that what they really need is to be given the tools and knowledge to help themselves.  And even then, their lives will not change and we will not have true peace until the systems and laws and rules change that are beating them down.  That’s what “Peace and Justice” is all about.


Our Peace and Justice Ministry Team studies and advocates for change in the systems that promote poverty, hunger, warfare, addictions, human trafficking… issues related to incarceration and prison reform, immigration, and discrimination of all kinds.  Our advocacy may take the form of studying and sharing information, building relationships, holding prayer vigils, writing letters and contacting government officials, and donating to Methodist programs which provide legal services for those in need.


Most recently, we have focused on supporting and standing with a family from our church that is seeking legal permanent residency for the immigrant husband, and hope to learn and share more about how the church can reach out to those who struggle with addiction and mental illness..
Along with the word “love”, “justice” is the teaching that Christ talks about the most.  It is a companion concept to loving your neighbor as yourself.  We welcome anyone who feels called to join this journey with us!

Contact: Kay Graber   kgraber12 (at symbol)