We visited 3 orphanages today. They were full of wonderful staff and wonderful children.

We first went to CP3, a home for children with severe disabilities. We were able to give them handshakes and hugs. It turns out if you pick them up very fast and then back down, you may get a line of children who would like the same.

Our second stop was with a daycenter. They weren’t up and running as normal this week, but we got to see a group of childen that were staying there for the week as well as a group of Americans with the organization World Race(11 months in 11 countries) who were there to help. This organization has been very successful in fulfilling a niche and has a waiting list each year. They have space to grow, but not enough staff or funds. This is the place that is the model for what Global Hope is trying to build in Sibiu which we will visit starting on Thursday.

Our third and last stop was a private organization that does many things, including housing 3 groups of 12 who have the potential to lead semi-independent lives where they progress through different stages of semi-independent living, and a large special school that had classrooms up to 9th grade. Christina from Ana’s house is enrolled in 9th grade here. When we walked in to the last group of children, Nancy was ahead of me, then Joy, then me. By the time I got in the room one of the children was already hugging Nancy. As we left, one asked me for a hug. When I set him down there was a line of 3 children that also wanted hugs.

On our way out of each home, we had to check Joy for stowaways. It is illegal currently for foreigners of Romania to adopt, so we won’t be bringing any home with us this time.!

We also got to enjoy a family reunion at Ana’s house where we met most of the children that have lived there at any time, and also their children. What great fruit. What they do here works.

And the food was so good today as it has been this whole trip. These ladies prepare each meal for us from scratch, growing most of what they serve. We are so grateful for them. They have been very kind, generous, and wonderful to us.


Prayer by The Great Reverend Joy Mitchell:

Lord of Heaven and Earth, it is clear and evident that you are the God of all Nations. Tonight I lift up to you a prayer for the children of the world. Specifically we pray for those who are orphaned. Lord, we pray in Jesus name that you will rise up servants to care for these precious souls. Lord, those with disabilities would you offer additional support and the means to care for each individual need. Lord the funds of the world are all yours. Would you provide the necessary funds for this work to be done in accordance to your name. Would these children know your love. Will it pour through each human who comes into contact with them. We offer the rest of this trip to you and the decisions we will need to make as a church. Direct us Lord we pray. Help us to get out of the way, so you can lead the way. In Jesus mighty, and powerful name we pray. Amen.