We boarded our plane in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Then many hours later after Chicago, Munich, and several half hours of sleep we arrived in Romania.

Thank you church for sending us. Thank you Ray for sacrificing time with your wife. Thank you to all the prayer warriors who lifted this mission and these people up this day. Thank you Kevin, Roni, and Rodi for hosting us. Thank you to all the kids at this home who welcomed us with open arms and for sacrificing their beds for a few nights. Thank you to all those here who joined us in conversation. Thank you for whoever is reading this giving me grace on spelling their names correctly. For all this Lord, we thank you. We ask that you guide all of our hearts to these people and ask that you lead us to serve your purpose here.

We arrived in Romania to be welcomed by Roni and Radish. It was over a hundred degrees. We drove across the country side (on the right hand side) to see beautiful field after field of sunflowers. Much different than corn and soybeans. We were welcomed at Ana’s House by a houseful of wonderful people of all ages who were eager to have fulfilling conversation with. We were blessed with a wonderful homemade dinner made almost exclusively food grown on the property. After dinner we were given a tour of the property and we got to know some of the people here a little bit.

We are excited to see what’s next for tomorrow.