Starting Feb 20— Pete’s Chapel Study Class 

Adult Sunday School @ 9:45 AM

Led by Jim & Julie Baty

Perhaps the longest running study course at UMCMV will make its return beginning Sunday February 20th, taking place in the Chapel Classroom.  Dick “Pete” Peters held classes for decades, studying the Bible in refreshing ways with his historical expertise and passion for God’s Word.  Join Jim & Julie Baty as they pick up from the continuation of this class offered most recently by Rainey Brown.  In our return, we will focus on the comparison and contrast of the Gospels.  The first two weeks will be setting up the styles, the audience and the context for Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  After our initiation we will then step forward into the texts for the start of Lent and use this comparison and contrast specific to the accounts of our Lenten journey.  You will only need to bring your Bible and your thirst for God’s Word and the frequency will be up to you as each week will stand on its own.

Come renew your study, collaboration and togetherness.