All Worship Services for United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon Iowa for Sunday August 16 are cancelled. We will resume our online and in person worship in the park at the Gazebo next week.

Our in person worship at the Gazebo in Memorial Park (due to storm debris in the park), as well as online worship services (due to lack of power to record them) will be cancelled this week. There are several places you can worship online including Church of the Resurrection  LIVE at 7:30 am, 9:15 am or 11 am on Sunday October 16. 

We send out prayers to all affected by this week’s storm and we ask all to support one another wherever possible. Some in our community are still awaiting power to return so we pray for swift resolution for these families. We pray for all of Iowa affected by the storm and we will keep you posted on efforts to be active in the recovery efforts. Thanks!