Pastor Joy’s November 2016 Letter pastor-joy-formal-photo-2016

Dear Church, What a beautiful family this church is. If you are new here, we welcome you, and are so glad to have you among us! What incredible connections that are made here. I hope you take advantage of the blessings and caring hearts of those around you. The connections in this congregation are strong and powerful! I’ve heard several refer to this church as family, and many who have shared the strength they’ve found coming from this place. If you haven’t found your niche here yet, please keep coming, connect with us, and we will see how we can get you connected! You have had new pastoral leaders now for four months. In some ways it seems like the blink of an eye, and in others, the full four months have been experienced through relationships, conversations, and learning and growing together. We are blessed.


Weston (my husband) and I have fully enjoyed getting to know many of the congregation through the Connect with Pastor Joy and Weston gatherings. It’s been so fruitful that we’d like to continue. Thank you to those of you who have hosted! Thank you to those of you who have come! If you have not yet connected, please do so. We are adding some dates to the list, so if you can, please join us! We want to know as many of you as we can. God says that we are to put him first in everything that we do, and second we are to love our neighbors as ourselves. If the two greatest commandments are to love God and love one another, then everything that we do as a church comes out of relationship. We want to know you. It is the heartbeat of a believer to be in community with one another. If you want to take part but are struggling with the times offered, please talk to us. We will find an alternative way to connect. Please contact the church office for more details.

As we move into November, there are many exciting things coming our way! Our Congregational Care position takes effect, Nov 1st, we welcome Julie Baty back to the team in this area! Keep reading for more information. All Saints Sunday is the first weekend in November where we celebrate those who have gone before us. We will worship and enjoy communion together on this special Sunday. On November 20th, Amy Guardado will be sharing her and Gabi’s testimony of God’s goodness through their journey. What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving! As we wrap up November, we will begin Advent. Can you believe it? Advent, and then Christmas is JUST AROUND the CORNER!

I look forward to growing closer to Jesus Christ right alongside of you. I look forward to seeing lives transformed by Jesus Christ. I look forward to continuing to see you, the Lord’s disciples, leaning into the beautiful presence of Jesus Christ. Come, worship with us! And, bring a friend! We are glad to know you! We are glad to worship with you!


Grace and Peace, Pastor Joy