“A gift for your Valentine that involves no shopping or expense” … it’s true, read on for details.

This year give your spouse the gift of your time and invest in your marriage.  One hour (9:45 to 10:45 am) on Sunday mornings for 6 weeks, starting on Sunday, February 2nd, in the small balcony classroom.

All marriages involve hard work, patience, understanding, unconditional love and communication.  Join us for “Sacred Marriage” classes and find out about the sacred side of marriage.  The intimacy and closeness of two married people creates a perfect setting for growth, maturing and lessons of holiness.

If you make the time for this class – you will no doubt by glad you did. The class is focused around a DVD series, by author and presenter Gary Thomas. Thomas is easy to relate to and leads couples to think about marriage in a new, caring and exciting way. Please join in this neat opportunity to dedicate time and energy to your marriage.  (Remember….no shopping or expense.)

If you have any questions, please talk to Julie Baty by phone, email or in person (juliebaty@umcmv.com, 319-533-2349)