Approximately 70 of us had a wonderful beginning last Sunday to our August series “A Bigger Table”. The food was amazing, the fellowship welcomed, and the conversations rich as we began reflecting on what incarnating a bigger table as a congregation might mean for us.

This week’s reflection will be focused on “Extravagant Hospitality”. Some questions for you to consider::

1. When have you experienced hospitality in a way that surprised you? How did you feel?

2. Have you experienced extravagant hospitality in the church? If so, what was that experience like?

3. How could we as a church grow in hospitality? To whom might we focus on expanding our hospitality?

Come for breakfast (waffles and sausage!!!) at 9:30 AM this Sunday, and be a part of our time of food, fellowship, and conversation.


We are excited to say… we have a place at the table for you!


Sundays in August our worship will be around the table- Breakfast, Fellowship & Worship at

9:30 AM Sundays in Fellowship Hall.