It’s time to stop crying in our soup about the consumeristic commercialism of Christmas. Instead of bashing the culture for making Black Friday bigger than Thanksgiving, let’s do something different this year.

Let’s do Advent.

Instead of quibbling over saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” let’s recover what it means to celebrate Holy Days. Instead of our cheesy slogans about “the reason for the season,” let’s practice a sacred season for the sake of the reason.

Let’s joyfully embrace the fact that we will do Advent in the midst of a culture that loves Christmas but doesn’t really understand it. When the church reclaims Advent, the culture will behold Christmas.

This Advent Pastor Joy Mitchell has selected “Not Yet Christmas” as our theme and inspiration for our Advent Sundays.

This Series will begin Sunday November 27 and continue Sunday December 4, December 11 and Sunday December 18.

This book is also a daily devotional which we will have on sale for $7 in the Narthex and can be quickly enjoyed along with bible verses to help inform your celebration of this holy season.