Starting Sunday September 10th, we will be learning from Pastor Vicki Fisher during worship about “The Oldest Stories of Faith: Reclaiming the Beauty of Genesis”.

In this post-modern era, does the book of Genesis even matter? What did these stories offer to their first hearers? What can they offer us? Get ready for a deep dive into some familiar stories!

September 10: “The importance of a Good Beginning”

Genesis 1:1-2:3  Do I believe God is good? What does it mean to have a creative God?


September 17: “You don’t put a candy dish in the middle of the floor”

Genesis 2    How much do I need the Bible to make sense? What does this story tell us about God? About people? How can this story speak to the loneliness epidemic?


September 24: “What’s with the talking snake?”

Genesis 3 What feels true about this story? Why? What is this story telling us about God?


October 1: “Well that escalated quickly”   & Communion Sunday

Genesis 4:1-17 How seriously do I treat the sin of jealousy? Mood: Repentant


Check out one of our worship services this month.

8:30 am Praise Worship or 11 am Traditional Worship.