2018 Spring Charge Conference

You are invited and encouraged to attend a Charge Conference for our church on April 29th between services (10 am in the Common Ground Meeting Room).  A charge conference is a required meeting of the church membership to approve an official change of policy or to approve a strategic direction for the church (i.e. a church addition).  With the wonderful opportunity and appointment of the Johnson’s to Broadway United Methodist Church in Council Bluffs, our Staff Parrish Relations Committee (SPRC) has unanimously voted to accept the recommendation of Pastor Joy to return to a single-pastor church and strategically strengthen and reposition all church staff to be more effective and efficient in our directional ministries.  Each member of the church has the potential to vote if present at any charge conference.  The motion will pass with a simple majority among those that are present.  This Charge Conference will take place at 10:00 am with a brief Church Council meeting held prior to that at 9:45 am to approve the motion to the Charge Conference.