2 Corinthians 10:15:

“We do not boast beyond limits, that is, in the labors of others; but our hope is that, as your faith increases, our sphere of action among you may be greatly enlarged…”

We grow in love of God and neighbor by connecting with others in study,
small groups and engaging in daily spiritual practices on our own.


  • Wonderings—What is the meaning of life? I wonder what the Bible is and how it might make a

    difference in my life. What is prayer & how does it affect me?

  • Starting Point—Explore basic Christian beliefs within a group. Begin a relationship with Jesus

    Christ. Consider baptism or reaffirming your baptism. Bring a spiritual practice into your life.

  • Challenge Steps—Join a faithful living or Biblical literacy class. Incorporate regular

    spiritual practices. Become part of a Life Group.

  • Going Deeper—Lead or start a new life group or class. Rely on daily spiritual

    practices. Attend special worship services during Holy week or Advent. Connect

    with an accountability partner.


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