WONDER                                  EXPLORE                           GROW


A faith journey is about the wondering, exploring and growing as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Throughout our lives we continue to take steps along the way, moving in directions that ultimately lead us closer to being holy and more like Jesus.

Here at United Methodist Church of Mount Vernon, our Discipleship Pathway provides opportunities, direction and resources to help anyone discover and grow in faith according to our calling to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Are you seeking to find out who Jesus is, desiring to know Him more or are ready to live your life more like him?

Relationships take time; with Jesus it is time learning in God’s word and time with Him in prayer.

How do I get on this path?

What can I do to get to know Jesus better?

What is a disciple?

What is discipleship?

These are all great questions. Let’s find out together!

Our pathway consists of five focus areas: Worship, Grow, Give, Serve and Share.

Take some time to look each over, consider where you are today and where you might like to go.


























Disciple: Someone who seeks and follows Jesus. We seek Jesus through worship, growing relationships, giving, serving and sharing.  A person focusing in these five areas will grow toward perfect love of God and neighbor.

Discipleship: The process of ordinary people learning to live every day life like and with Jesus. It’s the transformation of individuals and communities to increasingly act like Jesus, talk like Jesus and desire the very things that Jesus desires.

Wonderings: Anytime we move in our faith journey, we have questions and things we wonder about. In each area of discipleship, wonderings get us started or move us deeper.

Spiritual practices: There are specific ways we grow closer to God and deepen our faith. These are called spiritual practices. A spiritual practice is any way that we grow in our faith. Some examples include reading and studying the Bible, fellowship with other believers, prayer, service, worship, communion, fasting, giving and daily devotions.