You are invited…each of you…all of you to a new experience called Point of View.  This is a revolutionary discussion format that is uncommon and countercultural.  It is a safe space for engaging the difficult conversation surrounding Way Forward and the upcoming General  Conference vote taking place the week of February 25th in St. Louis.  Were you involved in the Q&A session hosted several months ago?  Have you heard rumors or been part of quick conversations about changes in the Methodist Church?  Are you passionate for a position regarding the LGBTQ community and the framework of the Methodist Church?  Any of these or none of these may describe you and yet, they likely affect you.


Point Of View is a gathering that will take place on Sunday nights from 6:30 to 8:00 pm on February 17th and 24th as well as March 3rd.  This is the week before the General Conference, the week during and the week immediately following the General Conference activities.  These gatherings will welcome all to a setting where empathy, context and mission will be discussed and together we will evolve a setting in this church that is better equipped to embrace our future.


In this polarizing world, Jesus calls us to love one another, love our enemies and both of these after loving God our Father.  POV will drive us closer as we listen, share, reflect and engage our differences and plan our future.  For more information on Point Of View, contact Jim Baty, UMCMV Church Council Chair and POV Leader for this effort at or catch him on Sunday mornings leading up to the first evening.  You don’t need to commit to being there for all of it, you only need to take a step into the first evening and let God guide your heart through the rest.



If you are interested in seeing more about the General Conference coming up this month, check out this website: