We hope all our Sunday School families are doing well and staying home when possible. We wanted to keep you aware of some online resources to help you celebrate your faith with your little ones a little this weekend as we celebrate Palm Sunday. The week we start after Sunday is called Holy Week and leads up to Easter Sunday. 

Thank you for all the patience and care you are giving your children and know this is not meant to overwhelm or challenge you at all. We just wanted to help supply you with tools to celebrate your faith a together as a family and have a little Sunday school moment together. 

If we can help you in any way, we are so willing to do that. Brittany Booth, Pastor Joy Mitchell and Alison Dix are all here to be support to our families. Please let us know what support we can be to you. Be sure to check our Sunday School Virtual page as well as our COVID-19 Updates pages with all the worship information we have at this time. Thanks and prayers for all to be safe at this time! 

Sunday School Virtual Learning

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