Lilies, our symbol of hope and rebirth for the church, in this time of uncertainty. Tulips bring in spring, usher in hope and remind us that the earth is renewed. 

We have lilies and tulips on order for our church for Easter.  Since we will not be gathering in our sanctuary and decorating it with these flowers this year, we’d like to offer this symbol of hope to those in our congregation and those in our community out there on the front line trying to keep us safe and healthy.

If you would like to contribute to this opportunity to show some folks out there some kindness and love, you can send a contribution of $11 per plant to the church office.  Please send names, addresses and phone numbers, if possible, of those you’d like to honor by receiving a plant to Barb Shepley at 319-895-6566 or email at  Plants will be delivered to folks on Thur. April 9 thru Sat. April 11.  If you are available to help deliver (using social distancing) please let Barb know.  Also, if you think someone has an allergy to the lilies (as some folks do) please let us know.

Thank you and God bless!