Thank you to ALL who participated in or attended the Romania Trip Talent Show!  If you were there, you were probably as overwhelmed as I was at the sheer number of talented people we have in our congregation. Thank you for your attendance and for your extremely generous financial support!



If you were unable to attend, no worries! You still have 2 more opportunities to participate!


  1. There will be an special offering Sunday, April 29th, to support the trip. If you would prefer to mail your offering to the church, please indicate “Romania Mission” on the memo line.




  1. We are collecting items on the Superkids Academy wish list to take with us. Beginning Sunday, April 22nd there will be a suitcase in the foyer to place your items. All items must be brought to the church by Sunday, May 6th. Right now, the day center just a small set of Legos and 2 balls for outdoor play, so anything we bring will be greatly appreciated! Items on the wishlist include:


Legos Play-Doh

Math copybooks

Creative educational toys

Juggling scarves/balls            

Outdoor toys

Scissors: simple ones & the ones with design

Hand crafts Quilling

 Scrapbooking large punch of various designs – the big ones (not small) for use in making cards

 Tempera paint Colored cardstock

Construction paper/Colored paper/Origami paper

Paint brushes



Beads to create jewelry

Googly eyes


Sidewalk chalk


Thanks to all of you who are supporting this ministry in many ways. What a great opportunity lies before us, and we are in this together!