Servant Sunday is fast approaching! There is service to be done and we need YOU!

Sunday April 28- there will be no traditional worship, we will take the worship out into the community with our service.  

Will you volunteer and make your service your worship that Sunday? 

If you are saying, why not- sign up today!! Contact the church office by phone (319-895-6286) or by email (alisondix (the @ symbol) with no parentheses! 

We would like to know the # of adults and the # of children in your family serving. Activities include: 

Yardwork, Visiting shut-ins, Washing windows, Cleanup in parks, Painting, Light carpentry, Dusting & spring cleaning, Errands for shut-ins, helping in the nursery, tying blankets, Joining the prayer team

Let us know if you have a preference of what type of project you are assigned to. 

We are so excited for this opportunity to serve in our community and we thank this congregation for having such a heart for being able to do this. This is our third endeavor for Servant Sunday and it is always remembered as a fun one! 

On Sunday April 28, we will gather for breakfast at 8:30 am in Fellowship Hall. Then teams of people will be sent out together into the community with their project assignments. We appreciate your wiliness to join in this effort and hope we can have at least 100 people serving in some capacity! 


-Nancy Reasland, Kay Graber and Shellie Kamaus

“Servant Sunday” Committee